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Well...  living in Europe has brought all sorts of new challenges. Healthcare has been a new situation for us. We have been learning how to find the right types of physicians, recently I was searching for a Doctor for my tummy. I guess all of the new food has left me a little loose in the bowels if you know what I mean.
I quickly realized that the system here is completely different than what I'm used to home.
I mean for example if I were looking for a doctor in the US, I would simply type in something like gastroenterology Orlando and it would kick up a bunch of results (like on people that I could go see. I would also be able to do soon searching through reviews to see what other people saying as well. There is sites like Zocdoc and healthgrades to help us.
Just in case you didn't know let me explain gastroenterology.
Gastroenterology deals with the stomach, esophagus, large and small intestine, and some other things. So if you are experiencing discomfort, you may be looking for a way to get things resolved. The Best way to resolve this is by searching for the appropriate type of doctor. Typically you'll need to go see a gastroenterologist. Many times you're referring physicians such as your primary care physician can give you an idea on who to see you.
Stomach diagram
But there're other ways to find them.
Sites like zocdoc and health grades can give you access to information on the type of doctor that you were looking for, but word of mouth is great too. It isn't quite the same way here in Europe. I found myself asking people that lived here and they referred me to the doctor.
Now I have to find out if they'll accept my insurance or if there's anything that I can do to avoid paying out the wall zoo for the medical services that I need. I really didn't think too much about this before I left.
I mean in the US it is so easy because I simply know the system. I even know how to search to find out if the Doctor has a judgment against them or has been reprimanded by the state.
At the end of the day I just want to find a competent doctor that is able to have a great conversation with me about what is going on.
Wish me luck that I'll find the right person here. I mean I have a clue and a direction to go in but I just hope that the doctor can resolve my problems.
As always thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope that you're getting a lot out of it. As they happen.
It has been a few days and I realized that I'm a little behind on posting new content. So as soon as I get my tummy worked out, I will make sure to turn to the old Wordpress grind.